Teufel Hunden Oktoberfest-Style Märzen

Teufel Hunden Oktoberfest-style Märzen

Legend has it that in WWI, the fortitude and ferocity shown by Marines earned them a fearsome nickname by their German counterparts: Teufel Hunden, or “Devil Dogs.” That savage sobriquet has stuck around to inspire new generations of soldiers towards honor and tenacity.

This fall, Service Brewing Co. releases its own devilish brew. Teufel Hunden is a traditional Oktoberfest-style Märzen lager, unfiltered with a deep copper hue, a toasted malt aroma and a clean, dry finish.

ABV: 5.5%
IBU: 23
DRAFT: Kegs Available
BOTTLES: 24/12 oz 4/6PK Limited Release

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