Do I need a reservation for a Tour?

No reservation required. Our hours of operation are Thursday/Friday 5:30pm-7:30pm and Saturday 2pm-4pm.


Are Pets allowed?

Yes, we have a beer garden available for patrons to enjoy a beer with their furry friends. We do ask for all well behaved pets to be on a leash at all times and with it’s human companion.


Are children allowed?

As a production brewery that does not serve food, all guests must be 21 and older in accordance with City of Savannah regulations for establishments that only serve alcohol. Our friends down at Moon River Brewing Company are a brewpub (brewery/restaurant) and are family friendly. Check them out. They are great!


Can I purchase beer and crowlers at the brewery?

Under the current Georgia State Law, no breweries are allowed to have on premise sales. (very sad, we know…)  We do offer amazing “Tour Packages” that come with tastings and souvenir beer. Check out Tour menu for details.


Can you tell more about these laws?

Sure! We can only sell Tours that come with up to 36 oz. of on premise tastings and give away up to 72 oz. of souvenir beer. Check out http://www.georgiacraftbrewersguild.org for more information on how you can help us modernize these laws. It will take our entire craft beer family to help make a change!


Where do you sell your beer?

We are currently distributing in Georgia and the Carolinas. Check out our Find Our Beer page for more details on where you can purchase our beer.


Can I buy your beer if I live out of state?

We are currently selling our beer through the online beer distributer http://www.Tavour.com. With membership, they deliver beer to your door in these states: Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, and Washington.


Are you hiring?

We are not currently hiring but are always interested in enthusiastic beer fans. Please send your resume and cover letter to info@servicebrewing.com for future employment opportunities. We do keep all resumes received on file.


How did Kevin and Meredith meet?

They met at the very first Savannah Stopover music festival in 2011 and have been madly in love ever since. Read more on our Story page.


Do you pay Black Hawk and Chinook?

Yes, our resident cats aka SBC SECURITY receive 29 back scratches a day along with regular stacks of cardboard for them to tear up.


Your brewery is spotless. How is that possible?

We have to do 200 push-ups if it isn’t….


Do you just love your job?

We make beer, throw parties and help our community! What’s not to love!